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School discipline rules essay in English for students

Discipline means to live under a rule or to be under the rule of rules. Discipline is the action taken by the teachers when the students obstruct the academic activity in the school or break the pre-determined rules.

Discipline teaches us to value time, which is helpful in achieving goals and nation building and development. Another name for discipline is student life. It is the ultimate duty of the student towards his teachers or teachers that he should respect everyone and obey their orders.

Students discipline rules in school

school discipline rules

1. The scool lays as much accentuation on character arrangement as on greatness in all school subjects. Incredible Pressure is laid on reliability, ordinary participation and discipline. Participation on the main day of the school and after each get-away is necessary. Nonappearance without earlier consent on the primary day of school after excursion, is considered as a break of discipline. Refinement of habits, propensities for compliance and request, tidiness face to face and dress and dependability are expected at all time.

2. Every student must be in the school five minutes before the first bell. If pupils are late, they are liable to be sent home, at the parent’s risk. During working hours order and silence are to be kept while around the premises. Running, playing of shouting inside the school building is never allowed.

3. It is obligatory for all the students to participate in all co-curricular and other school activities.

4. The school is not responsible for the loss of books, cash, decorations, clothes, sweaters etc. Students must learn to look after their own things.

5. Any kind of damages done to the school property i.e. furniture etc. is to be made good.

6. Understudies are liable to the school experts for their lead both in and outside the school. Hence misbehavior on the public streets and inconvenience is liable to the same sanction. Misbehavior, use of unhealthy words and signs are liable for suspensions

7. Utilizing of Mehendi and Kajal are totally disallowed. Severe move will be made to the people who don’t maintain it.

8. There is no capacity to bear any kind of harassing between understudies.


As regular attendance is an important element for successful work, previous written application for leave must invariably be asked, and for serious reasons only. In case of sickness or other unforeseen circumstances the pupils, on returning to the school must have the reasons of absence certified by his/her parent or guardian countersigned by the principal before the pupils enters the class. Application for leave should be briefly written in the school calendar alongside the corresponding date.

If pupils remain absent for 15 days without leave his/her name may be removed from the class-rolls; and the usual admission fees will be charged if the pupil is re-admitted.

Attendance on official school functions like Independence Day, Republic Day and Annual Day is compulsory. No pupils may absent himself/herself from any examination or test except when prevented by reasons of health in which case a medicals (certificate is required.


The wearing of the School uniform is required on throughout the days. All students ought to introduce themselves in the School uniform clean and flawlessly dressed.

During rainy season along with the regular uniform children are supposed to wear Black Sandals. After rainy season Black Sandals and White Socks is a must.

During the winter, Blue Sweater only to be worn by the children along with uniform.

Girls should use only blue hair bands or blue ribbons. Children should not wear watch, bangles, chain etc. or any other ornaments.

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