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Phrasal verbs list with meaning

Meaning: Such words which are formed by the combination of adverbs or a preposition are known as Phrasal Verbs. (also called a two-word verb). A to z 100 most common phrasal verbs list with meanings and sentences.

For example – Keep on – continue to do something., Get Along – to leave a place., Give up – to accept that you cannot do something., Ask for – say that one wants to speak to someone.

List of 100 phrasal verbs and their meaning

Act forrepresent someone on a contractual, legal, or paid basis.
Act upontake action according to or in the light of.
Answer forbeing responsible or to blame for something.
Ask afterinquire about the health or well-being of someone.
Ask forsay that one wants to speak to someone.
Attend onto go officially and usually regularly to a place
Back outwithdraw from a commitment.
Be offgo away; leave.
Bear withbeing patient or tolerant with someone.
Beat offsucceed in resisting an attacker or attack.
Bind over(of a court of law) require someone to fulfill an obligation
Blow overto disappear without having a serious effect
Break awayescape from someone’s hold.
Break Down(used about a vehicle or machine) to stop working
Break into enter something without consent
Break intoenter or open a place, vehicle, or container forcibly
Break looseto suddenly become loose
Break offto suddenly stop doing or saying something
Break outto start suddenly
Break upto end or finish
Break offto suddenly stop doing or saying something.
Bring aboutcause something to happen.
Bring forwardpropose a plan or idea for consideration.
Bring inintroduce a new law or product.
Bring oncause something
Bring outmake something more evident; emphasize something.
Bring torestore someone to consciousness.
Bring uplook after a child until it is an adult.
Build upan increase of something over a period
Burn downto be completely destroyed by fire
Call atto stop at a place for a short time
Care forto be worried about or interested in somebody
Catch onunderstand what is meant or how to do something.
Catch upsucceed in reaching a person who is ahead of one.
Close downcause a company or business to cease operation, especially permanently.
Close upshut down for a while.
Come aboutto happen
Come alongto arrive or appear
Come intoreach or be brought to a specified situation or result.
Come toto arrive somewhere.
cry outto shout or make a loud noise
Cover forto provide an excuse for someone
Cut downreduce the size, amount, or quantity of something.
Cut ininterrupt someone while they are speaking.
Deal into buy and sell (something) as a business
Deliver fromto carry (goods, etc) to a destination
Die awayto slowly become weaker before stopping or disappearing
Die outto stop happening or disappear
Do fordefeat, ruin, or kill someone or something.
Drive atto try to explain or say something
Drop inan informal visit to a person or place.
Drop outa person who leaves school, university, etc. before finishing his/her studies.
Explain awayat a particular distance from a place
Fall backmove or turn back; retreat.
fall intake one’s place in a line or formation.
fall ontake hold of someone suddenly
Feel likean inclination or desire for
Figure onexpect something to happen or be the case.
Figure outsolve a problem or discover the answer to a question.
Fill input material into a hole, trench, or space so that it is completely full.
Fix upto arrange for something to happen.
Fly atattack someone verbally or physically.
fly offto go away quickly or suddenly
Front forto represent a person indirectly
Fool awayto waste away
get aboutbegin to walkable to get about again.
Get across(of an idea) be communicated clearly.
Get aheadto progress and be successful in something.
Get Alongto leave a place
Get arounddeal successfully with a problem.
Get downgot down on.
Get overrecover from an ailment or an upsetting or startling experience.
Get aroundallow something that they initially do not want to.
Get upto stand up
Give awayto tell information or facts that you should keep secret
Give upto accept that you cannot do something
Go backTo go back on a promise.
Go downtrust someone or to be.
Go onto start working (used about lights, heating, etc.)
Go withGive your assent to any person or proposal.
Hand over(person or thing) to entrust or to hand over to the authority
Hang onto hold something tightly
Happen onfind or meet (someone or something) by chance
Hit upondiscover or think of something, especially by chance.
Hold onWait or stop for a moment.
Hold offcause something to remain united.
Hold togethercause something to remain united.
Join into become involved in an activity with other people
Join withsay or do something with someone else.
Jump toto move quickly and suddenly
Keep atpersist with something.
Keep awaymake someone stay away.
Keep oncontinue to do something.
Keep upcontinue a course of action.
Knock downto fall down.
Lay outto create someone.
Look aftertake care of someone or something.
Look intoinvestigating something.
Look upto move your eyes upwards to look at somebody/something
Make afterpursuing someone.
Make forto produce or create something.
Occur toto happen, especially in a way that has not been planned
Pass awayused as a polite way of saying ‘die’
Pass outto become unconscious
Pay attentiontake notice of someone or something.
Pay offTo settle the account.
Pick upto become better; to improve
Put oncause a device to operate.
Put updisplay a notice, sign, or poster.
Reason withtry to explain something.
Relate toto show or make a connection between two or more things
search outto find (something or someone) by carefully looking.
See aboutattend to or deal with something.
Send awayto banish from a place
Show upto arrive, especially when somebody is expecting you
Stand byto be ready to act.
Stand forbe on someone’s side
Stay withremain in the mind or memory of someone.
Stick aroundto stay somewhere, waiting for something to happen
Succeed toto manage to achieve what you want.
Take offto leave the ground and start flying. (used about an aircraft)
Wait fora period of time when you wait
Wind upto bring to a conclusion
Work outto develop or progress, especially in a good way
Yield upto stop refusing to do something or to obey somebody

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