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Not Only But Also: Meaning, Usage & Examples with sentences

Meaning: Specially used to emphasize that there is something more to say. or Not only … but also used to connect and emphasize two phrases or two words in the same situation, For example: I like not only tea but also coffee.

We have x and y the thing to keep in mind is that x and y are both going to be positive points or they’re both going to be negative points but we’re not making a contrast with x and y so they have to match. for example :

Usage & Examples:

Condition-1: It can use not only X but also Y in formal contexts:

Example: David is not only intelligent but also funny

Condition-2: Not only but also used when two subjects or persons are doing the same thing.

Example: Not only Elias but also his brother Ryan were watching the movie.

Condition-3: Even more emphasis, we can add the not only at the start of the phrase.

Example: Not only does she like the artist Jasmine, but also Nathalie Emmanuel.

Condition-4: We have to use the auxiliary verb or helping verb ‘do’ and we need to conjugate it in the correct way, depending on the subject or the tense.

Example: Not only did he eat a burger but also a pizza.

Use with adjective

Not only…. but also used when there are two adjectives for the same subject.

Subject + Verb + not only + Adjective + but also + Adjective


1. He is not only kind but also handsome.

2. Anna is not only a brave girl but also a princess.

3 He is not only poor but also unemployed.

Use with adverb

When there are two adverbs for the same subject.

Subject + Verb + not only + Adverb + but also + Adverb


1. She speaks English not only naturally but also fluently.

2. Mark works not only carelessly but also hastily.

Use with noun

When there are two nouns for the same subject.

Subject + Verb + not only + Noun + but also + Noun


1. I like not only ice cream but also yogurt.

2. They visited not only Singapore but also India.

Use with verbs

When there are two verbs for the same subject.

Subject + not only + Verb + but also + Verb


1. She studies not only hard but also plays hard.

2. They not only speak Japanese but also speak Hindi.

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Other examples

1. Sophie is not only beautiful but also clever.

2. John visited not only Bangkok but also Spain.

3. Not only does Josephine play football, but also golf.

4. James is not only brilliant but also ugly.

5. He is not only intelligent but also hard-working

6. Nitin not only speaks English but also reads Hindi.

7. He is not only satisfied but also happy.

8. They not only have two houses in Chennai, but they also have one in Bangalore.

9. He is not only rich but also kind.

10. Rahul not only heard a song but also came out of class.

11. He not only did the shopping but also cooked the meal.

12. He is not only a student but also a part-time worker.

13. I like not only tea but also coffee.

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