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New English Words with Meanings: Expand Your Vocabulary

Find a comprehensive list of new English words with meanings. Expand your vocabulary and enhance your language skills with 100 important words and their meaning.

Improve your English language skills with new words and meanings. Discover 100+ new English words and their meanings. Learn 100+ new English words.

Table of New English words along with their meanings:

1AbundantExisting in large quantities; plentiful
2AgileQuick and nimble in movement or thoughts
3AlleviateTo make suffering or problems less severe
4AmbiguousHaving more than one possible interpretation
5ApathyLack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
6ArticulateExpressing oneself clearly and effectively
7AssertiveConfident and self-assured in expressing opinions or desires
8BenevolentKind and generous
9CandidOpen and honest in speech or expression
10CapriciousImpulsive and unpredictable
11CoherentLogical and consistent
12ComplacentSelf-satisfied or contented, often to a fault
13ConscientiousDiligent and thorough in work or duty
14CrypticMysterious and difficult to understand
15DearthScarcity or lack of something
16DeceptiveTending to deceive or mislead
17DiligentHard-working and attentive
18DisparityA noticeable and significant difference
19EloquentFluent and persuasive in speech or writing
20EmpathyUnderstanding and sharing others’ feelings
21EnigmaticPuzzling or mysterious
22EruditeHaving or showing great knowledge or learning
23ExemplaryWorthy of imitation or praise
24ExuberantFull of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm
25FacilitateTo make a process or action easier or smoother
26FerventShowing great intensity or passion
27FrugalEconomical and thrifty
28GregariousSociable and fond of company
29HypotheticalBased on or serving as a hypothesis
30ImpartialFair and unbiased
31IncessantContinuing without interruption
32IndifferentHaving no particular interest or sympathy
33InevitableCertain to happen; unavoidable
34IngeniousClever and inventive
35IntricateComplicated and detailed
36IntrepidFearless and adventurous
37JovialCheerful and friendly
38JudiciousShowing good judgment or sense
39KeenSharp and eager
40LethargicLacking energy or enthusiasm
41LucidClear and easily understood
42MeanderTo wander aimlessly or follow a winding course
43MitigateTo make less severe, intense, or painful
44NostalgiaA sentimental longing for the past
45NoviceA person new to or inexperienced in a field or situation
46OminousGiving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is about to happen
47OpulentOstentatiously rich or luxurious
48PensiveEngaged in deep or serious thought
49PerplexedConfused and puzzled
50PervasiveSpreading widely throughout an area or group
51PristineIn its original condition; unspoiled
52ProlificProducing many works, results, or offspring
53ProximityNearness or closeness
54QuellTo suppress or put an end to

56 Other new words

Here is a table of 56 new words with their meanings:

1AbateTo reduce or lessen in intensity or amount
2AbhorTo strongly dislike or hate
3AcquiesceTo accept or comply without protest
4AestheticPertaining to beauty or artistic taste
5AffableFriendly, pleasant, and easy to talk to
6AlacrityEagerness or willingness to do something quickly
7AmbivalentHaving mixed or conflicting feelings or opinions
8AmeliorateTo improve or make better
9AnomalySomething that deviates from the norm or expected
10AntithesisDirect opposite or contrast
11ApexHighest point or peak
12ArduousDifficult or tiring
13AscertainTo find out or determine with certainty
14AssuageTo ease or alleviate
15AudaciousBold or daring, willing to take risks
16AuspiciousFavorable or promising
17AvariceExtreme greed or desire for wealth
18BanalLacking originality or freshness
19BenevolentKind and generous
20BlatantObvious or conspicuous
21BolsterTo strengthen or support
22CapitulateTo surrender or give up
23CatharticProviding emotional release or purification
24ClandestineSecret or hidden
25CoalesceTo come together and form a whole
26CogentConvincing or persuasive
27ComplacentSelf-satisfied or smug
28CondescendTo behave in a superior or patronizing manner
29ConfidantA person with whom one can share secrets or private
30CongenialPleasant and friendly
31ConundrumA confusing or difficult problem or question
32CopiousAbundant or plentiful
33CorroborateTo confirm or support with evidence or authority
34CredibleBelievable or trustworthy
35CrypticMysterious or puzzling
36CulpableDeserving blame or censure
37CursoryHasty or superficial
38DauntingIntimidating or overwhelming
39DeftSkillful or dexterous
40DeleteriousHarmful or damaging
41DemureShy or modest
42DeprecateTo express disapproval of or belittle
43DerideTo ridicule or mock
44DespondentFeeling extremely low or discouraged
45DiligentHardworking and persistent
46DisparageTo criticize or belittle
47DispositionA person’s inherent qualities or tendencies
48DivergentMoving apart or differing from each other
49DivulgeTo reveal or make known
50DocileEasily trained or obedient
51DogmaticRigidly adhering to a belief or opinion
52EclecticSelecting or choosing from various sources or styles
53EdifyTo instruct or enlighten
54EgalitarianBelieving in or promoting equal rights for all
55ElatedExtremely happy or joyful
56EloquenceArtful and persuasive speaking or writing

10 another words

Abandon: To leave behind or forsake completely.

Ameliorate – make something better

Absorb: to take in or take in.

Accommodation: To make arrangements for someone’s stay or stay.

Adaptation: To adjust or modify to fit a new situation.

Ambitious: Having a strong desire for success or achievement.

Apprehensive: Worried or fearful about something happening.

Express: To express thoughts or ideas clearly in words.

Acquiesce – accept something reluctantly but without protest

Appraise: To appraise or judge the quality or value of something.

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