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50 Most difficult words in English with meaning and Synonyms

Learn 50 Most Difficult Words in English with meaning Examples: Abstruse – difficult to understand; Ubiquitous – present everywhere; Obfuscate – to make something unclear

Below are 50 difficult words in English, along with their short meanings and synonyms

50 Difficult Words with Meanings

Abstruse – difficult to understand; obscure
Synonyms: obscure, arcane, esoteric

Ambiguous – having multiple interpretations; unclear
Synonyms: unclear, vague, equivocal

Cacophony – harsh, discordant sound
Synonyms: noise, racket, clamor

Capricious – unpredictable; impulsive
Synonyms: unpredictable, whimsical, fickle

Circumlocution – the use of excessive words to express an idea
Synonyms: verbosity, wordiness, periphrasis

Clandestine – secret; concealed
Synonyms: secret, covert, hidden

Conundrum – a difficult problem; a puzzle
Synonyms: puzzle, riddle, enigma

Cryptic – mysterious; obscure
Synonyms: enigmatic, puzzling, mystifying

Discombobulate – to confuse or disconcert
Synonyms: confuse, bewilder, fluster

Disseminate – to spread widely; to scatter
Synonyms: spread, circulate, propagate

Ephemeral – used for only a short period of time
Synonyms: transient, fleeting, momentary

Epitome – a perfect example; a summary
Synonyms: embodiment, essence, quintessence

Equanimity – calmness; composure
Synonyms: composure, serenity, tranquility

Esoteric – intended for or understood by a small group
Synonyms: arcane, obscure, cryptic

Exacerbate – to make something worse (especially a disease or problem)
Synonyms: worsen, aggravate, intensify

Fecund – fertile; productive
Synonyms: fertile, fruitful, prolific

Grandiose – grand or ambitious in an exaggerated way
Synonyms: ambitious, extravagant, exaggerated

Indefatigable – tireless; never giving up
Synonyms: tireless, untiring, unflagging

Insidious – treacherous; harmful in a subtle way
Synonyms: treacherous, subtle, deceptive

Intransigent – refusing to compromise; stubborn
Synonyms: stubborn, uncompromising, obstinate

Juxtapose – To put two people or objects together.
Synonyms: compare, contrast, appose

Labyrinthine – intricate; confusing
Synonyms: intricate, convoluted, complex

Mellifluous – sweet-sounding; pleasant to the ear
Synonyms: melodious, harmonious, euphonic

Mitigate – to make less severe; to alleviate
Synonyms: alleviate, reduce, lessen

Nefarious – wicked; evil
Synonyms: wicked, evil, malicious

Obfuscate – to confuse; to make unclear
Synonyms: confuse, obscure, muddle

Onerous – burdensome; difficult to bear
Synonyms: burdensome, oppressive, taxing

Paradigm – a typical example; a model
Synonyms: model, exemplar, archetype

Pernicious – harmful; destructive
Synonyms: harmful, destructive, detrimental

Pristine – pure; untouched by civilization
Synonyms: pure, unspoiled, immaculate

Quixotic – idealistic; impractical
Synonyms: idealistic, visionary, romantic

Reticent – reserved; reluctant to speak
Synonyms: reserved, taciturn, silent

Serendipity – a fortunate discovery by chance
Synonyms: chance, luck, fortuity

Soporific – causing sleep; very boring
Synonyms: sleep-inducing, boring, tedious

Superfluous – unnecessary; excessive
Synonyms: unnecessary, redundant, surplus

Surreptitious – secretive; stealthy
Synonyms: secretive, clandestine, covert

Ubiquitous – present everywhere; widespread
Synonyms: widespread, omnipresent, pervasive

Vacillate – to waver; to be indecisive
Synonyms: waver, hesitate, fluctuate

Vexatious – causing annoyance or frustration
Synonyms: annoying, irritating, bothersome

Vicarious – experienced through others; secondhand
Synonyms: secondhand, indirect, surrogate

Vitriolic – filled with bitter criticism
Synonyms: bitter, caustic, acerbic

Whimsical – unpredictable; fanciful
Synonyms: unpredictable, capricious, fanciful

Xenophobia – fear or hatred of foreigners
Synonyms: fear of foreigners, prejudice, racism

Zealous – enthusiastic; passionate
Synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, fervent

Querulous – complaining; grumbling
Synonyms: complaining, whining, petulant

Ineffable – too beautiful, to describe in words
Synonyms: indescribable, inexpressible, unspeakable

Proclivity – a natural inclination or tendency
Synonyms: inclination, tendency, predisposition

Mellifluous – sweet-sounding; pleasant to the ear
Synonyms: melodious, harmonious, euphonic

Desultory – lacking a plan or purpose; random
Synonyms: random, haphazard, aimless

Parsimonious – excessively thrifty; stingy
Synonyms: thrifty, frugal, tight-fisted

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