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how to write letter to friend in english

letter to a friend in english

Personal letter writing – These are personal letters that do not need to follow a prescribed pattern for writing. You can write them to cousins, relatives, friends or family. An informal letter can also be written to your formal contacts if you share a friendly relationship with them. Such letters are called personal letters.

Birthday invitation letter to a friend in English

Suppose you are Gurdev, You live at 38, Green Park, Ludhiana. Invite your friend Rakesh to come to your birthday party.

38, Green Park,
March 9, 20…

My dear Rakesh,

You will be glad to know that my birthday falls on 19th March, My parents have decided to celebrate it on a grand scale this time. There will be a tea party. There will also be a program of dance and music. It will see an evening of great fun. Our common friends Mukesh and Ramesh are also coming. My relatives will be present on this occasion. You are cordially invited to join us. You will enjoy their company. I hope you will certainly join the celebration and share our joys.

Please do come. I shall eagerly await your arrival.

Yours Sincerely,

Write a letter to your friend accepting her invitation

Suppose you are Rakesh. You live at 74, Gandhi Lane, Sangrur. You received the above letter from your friend Gurdev. Write a reply to him.

74, Gandhi Lane,
March 14, 20…

My dear Gurdev,

I have just received your letter. I am happy that you have invited me to visit Ludhiyana on your birthday. I think you very much for the invitation. I will gladly join your party. I shall also enjoy the company of your old friend, Mukesh, and Ramesh. I do not know your relatives. Anyway, it would be my pleasure to meet them, I shall reach Ludhiana on 18th March in the evening.

With best wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

Congratulations letter on success

Imagine you are Rahul, You live at 33, New Lajpat Nagar, Ludhiyana, Write a letter to your Friend Rohit, congratulating him on brilliant success in the Matriculation Examination.

33, New Lajpat Nagar,


June 27, 20…

My dear Rohit,

I have just heard of your brilliant success in the Matriculation Examination. May I offer you my heartiest congratulations? You stand third in the state. It is a remarkable achievement. You ought to be proud of it. This grand success is the fruit of your hard work. You have brought credit to your teachers and parents. We all are proud of you. My parents are also very happy to hear of your big success and send their congratulation to you and your parents.

Now you can get admission to a good college. We hope that you will continue to work hard and shine like a star in your college life.

Yours sincerely,

Letter of sympathy in English

Suppose your friend Sunil has Failed the 10th class examination. Write a Letter of consolation and encouragement to him. You are Roshan living at 55, Court Road, Amritsar.

55, Court Road,
May 5, 20…

My dear Sunil,

I was deeply shocked to hear about your failure in the 10th class examination. It is really something unexpected, for I thought that you would pass in the first division. You were good at your studies and your teachers had always spoken highly of you. I wonder how a good student could even fail.

I think it is not your fault. Your long and serious illness is responsible for this misfortune. After recovery, you made the best of your time and worked hard, yet you could not make up for your deficiency.

Do not give way to despair. Remember that failures are the stepping stones to success. Now you have fully recovered. I advise you to gird up your loins and devote yourself to your studies. Your failure, in an away, is a blessing in disguise. You can get some position next year. What you need is hard work again with renewed zeal and vigor and brilliant success awaits you.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Sample letters of sympathy and condolence examples

Suppose you are Sanjeev, You live in House No. 28, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore. Your friend Vikas has lost his mother. Write a letter of condolence to him.

28, Ashok Nagar,
Dec. 26, 20…

My dear Vikas,

I was greatly shocked to know about the sudden and untimely demise of your mother. I knew she had not been keeping good health for some time but never thought that her end was so near. It is very tragic to lose one’s mother at a young age when one needs her love and affection. She was a noble soul and treated all your friends as her own sons. Everyone was all praised her.

I know you have indeed suffered an irreparable loss but we all are helpless before God’s Supreme will. We cannot change His ways. It is also said that those whom God loves, die young. What cannot be cured must be endured. You should bear this loss with courage. You should not give way to despair.

Please console your young brothers and sisters, and pay great attention to your father who must be heartbroken at the loss of his life partner. We cannot bring mother back but her memory will always be in our minds due to the great qualities she possessed.

May God grant peace to the departed soul and give all of you strength to bear this blow.  I once again condole with you in your bereavement.

with the deepest sympathy,

Yours sincerely,

Write a letter to your friend telling him about visiting a place

You are Pradeep. You live at 529, Mota Singh Nagar, Jalandhar. Write a letter to your friend Rahul telling him about your visit to Shimla.

529, Mota Singh,
10th, July, 20…

My dear Rahul,

You know my friend Satish lives in Shimla. He invited me to spend my summer vacation with him at Shimla. I accepted his invitation and went there. I would like to tell you all about my visit to Shimla the queen of the hill station.

I went to Shimla by bus and enjoyed the journey. On reaching Shimla I was delighted by its calm and serene atmosphere. My friend was there to receive me at the bus stand. We walked to his residence and my friend’s parents were very happy to meet me.

We made out a program to visit the important spots. We went to the state museum. Then we visited the Viceroy’s lodge. I was fascinated by the scenic beauty of the place. Thereafter we visited the Glen. Taradevi and the Annadala ground. Wild Flowers Hall and the Jakhu Temple. At the Springdales, I found the place calm and serene. I was Charmed by the waterfall and the fast-flowing streams.

Every day in the evening, we used to visit the famous Mall. There used to be a large number of happy and cheerful men, women, and children. They enjoyed themselves in the misty, cool, and refreshing evening. We used to go out for long walks and walking through the dense woods was very fantastic.

I stayed there for fifteen days and enjoyed the joys of his hill station to the utmost. It was a nice change from the scorching heat and monotonous life of the plains.

Yours sincerely.

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