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Unseen Passage – how to solve unseen passage in english

The unseen passage are the parts that are not in our book. This question is given on the paper which we have not read and we have to answer those questions with reference to the passage. In Unseen Passage, students have to read the given passage and answer the questions asked in it. The following points should be kept in mind while answering

  • Read the given passage repeatedly so that the gist of the subject matter is understood.
  • Underline the important points of the passage.
  • Read the question and try to understand what is being said.
  • Underline the answer to the question by reading the passage.
  • After that write the answer to the question. Use your language as much as possible while writing the answer.
  • Always use complete sentences to write the answer. 7. Don’t start your answer with all since/as/so/for because.
  • While writing the answer, keep the tense of the verb the same as that of the question.
  • If to tell the meaning of some words or phrases
  • Do not give your opinion or comment.


Your ability to answer the questions asked in Unseen Passage depends on the following factors

  • How able are you to understand the meaning of the given passage?
  • How strong is your hold on the English language?
  • How capable are you of knowing that the questions asked are answered in the given passage?
  • How good is your English Vocabulary knowledge?


Read the passage given below and answer the questions

You know slavery is better than theedom, for slavery dwells within you. Working for the profits of your oppressors, you get only that which is barely sufficient to keep you alive. You and your instruments of work are meant to help and strengthen your master’s position. Your children and wives die of cold and starvation while your master’s dogs are fat and comfortable. When you express the slightest dissatisfaction with your lot, you and your wives are put to death. Therefore, it is not proper to tolerate any kind of oppression in the modern age, the age of liberty and freedom. You are sinful if you do that. You must fight for equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal wages for equal work. Educate your children and let them learn to live with dignity


  1. When you work for others, what do you get?
  2. What are you and your instruments meant
  3. What happens to your wife and children when you work for your oppressor?
  4. Why are the wives and the children put to death? 5. What must you fight for?


  1. You get only that which is barely sufficient to keep body and soul together.
  2. You and your instruments are meant to help and strengthen your master’s position.
  3. They die of cold and starvation. 4. They are put to death when you express your dissatisfaction with your miserable lot.
  4. You must fight for equal rights, equal opportunities and equal wages for equal work.


Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th

Getting back from investigation Ralph blows the conch shell to assemble another conference. He makes sense that they are on an island that is abandoned. He likewise lets them know that there is a lot of food and water on the island. At the point when the gathering of young men offers Ralph full consideration, Ralph experiences a concise slip by in certainty and is uncertain whether to stand or sit while leading a gathering. He seeks Piggy for certification of his position. Ralph reports on getting together the aftereffects of the morning’s investigations.

As of now, Jack attempts to expect everybody in the gathering by saying that he and his military will keep them provided with the meat. Ralph accepts the gathering that his dad is in the English naval force when he will leave, he will be for their security. He likewise says that everyone should keep a few guidelines to keep everything under control. Jack likewise acknowledges his thought and he is agreeable to outlining a few guidelines as discipline, assuming anybody attempts to defy those norms, Ralph makes just a single decision that the people who are holding the conch shell, will be allowed to talk in the gathering. A little fellow informs everybody concerning the best that he saw before an evening. In this reality, Ralph lets the gathering know that they need to make a significant fire on the mountain. It would help in their rezone. He feels that the boats and planes going through the island might find their situation and act the hero. He needs to choose some on to finish this work. The young men have gathered an immense heap of dead wood for the fire yet nobody knows how to light the wood. Piggy gathers a few dry twinges which might burst into flames without any problem. In any case, Jack and Ralph request that Piggy give him his glasses. They use Glass to mirror the beams of the sun over the dry passes on to burst into flames, and the room runs wild. Piggy is by all accounts irritated with Ralph in light of the fact that he imagines that Ralph has abused his glasses.


  • Why Jack interrupts Ralph on his rule”?
  • What was your thought of Ralph in the terms of rule? 3. Write the incident when the smallest boy in the group appealed to speak in front of the assembly.
  • What were the rules assigned by Ralph?
  • How did Ralph assure the boys about beastie?

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