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what is business letter with example?

Formal business letter example

A business letter is a letter from one company to another, from its business partners or any organizations and their customers. Such letters usually contain business information such as complaints, claims, orders, etc. The overall style of the letter depends on the relationship between the parties concerned. Let’s see a Sample Formal business letter example for students.

Example of simple business letter for students

Write a letter to your customer expressing your inability to execute the order. Give reasons for doing so.

Srihari Textrise Ltd,
Industrial Aria,
September 15, 20…

M/s Jain Iron Store,
Main Market, Sector 28,

Dear Sir,

We thank you very much for your order No. 26, Dates August 25, 2021, for the supply of twenty iron girders. We regret our inability to execute the order within the stipulated period. This situation has arisen because the worker of our factory has gone on strike. They have forced the closure of the factory. As a result, production has come to a standstill. We are already running short of shocks, and negotiations between the management and the workers are in progress. It is hoped that we settle the dispute soon. So, it will take us two weeks more to be able to execute your order.

We hope you will realize our position and let us keep the order pending.

Yours faithfully,
for Srihari Textrise Ltd.

Sample of Formal business letter with example

Imagine you are Rahul Srivastava. write a letter to an electronic goods dealer asking for quotations for the installation of an intercom system in your factory.

Rahul Srivastava Mills,
Industrial Area,
July 28, 20…

M/s Phillips India Ltd.
New Delhi.

Dear Sir/Mam,

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as a reputed firm supplying hosiery goods to the Indian army. We are interested, in getting a two-way intercom set having 20 lines set up in our factory. A complete plane of the proposed installation is enclosed herewith. We shall feel obligated if you send in your quotations. These should state clearly all your terms and conditions. The quotations should reach us within a fortnight.

We should be happy if you send one of your representatives to inspect the site and disclose the plain. He can visit our office on any working day in the second week of this month.

An early reply is solicited.

Yours faithfully,
Rahul Srivastava Mill,

Letter of Cancellation of order sample

Imagine you are Vikash, Manager, Savita traders, Mumbai. You had placed an order for woolen goods with a Surat firm M/s Dhani Ram & sons. Purana Bazaar. Cancel the order as the Surat firm has declined to pay the discount asked for.

Savita Trades,
September 11, 20…

M/s Dhani Ram & Sons,

Dear Sirs,

I received your telegram just now. You have expressed your inability to increase the discount from ten to fifteen percent in our case. I am afraid we shall have to get in touch with other parties. We may inform you that some parties have come forward to offer discounts of up to twenty percent. We wanted to continue our dealing with your firm. But we can not do so now.

Kindly treat our order as dated ist instant as canceled.

The inconvenience caused is regretted.

Yours faithfully,
for Savita Trades,

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