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Examples of introduce yourself in interview

Even though we do all the preparations before giving an interview, but often we forget small things. That’s why we will tell you such interview tips, by adopting them you can make a good impression. Let’s see Tips and examples of self introduction for a job interview

Whether you are going to give an interview for a government job or for a private job. Many common questions are asked by the interviewer, which need to be prepared in advance. Remember that during a session like an interview, nervousness is inside everyone. But you better prepare for the interview by keeping some special things in mind.

Tips For Job Interview

Impressive Resume
In most, companies or institutes candidates are called for interviews only after short-listing the resume or CV called for the job vacancy. So, first of all, it is important to make your CV very attractive.

Keep Confidence
Whenever you go for an interview, go with full confidence. The way you walk, sit, talk, and dress all affect the interviewing team a lot.

Don’t let panic take over
Answer the questions asked in fewer words with complete confidence and without panic. For any questions, you don’t have answers to, politely apologize instead of giving back-and-forth answers.

Have essential information about the company
Which company or field job you are going to interview for? Get complete information about it. For example, keep information about the company’s work, service, customers, etc.

Arrive at the place of interview on time
Arrive at least half an hour before the scheduled time for the interview so that you can relax according to the atmosphere.

Examples of self-introduction for a job interview

Rohit: May I come in sir?

Manager: Yes, please.

Rohit: Good morning sir.

manager: Good morning, please sit down.

Rohit: Thank you.

Manager: What is your name?

Rohit: Rohit Viswas.

Manager: Married or unmarried?

Rohit: Married.

Manager: Would you have applied for the post of personal assistant, Right?

Rohit: Yes sir.

Manager: What are your qualifications?

Rohit: I am I have also done a diploma in typing and shorthand and a secretarial course from the Govt. Polytechnic Ghaziabad.

Manager: What is your speed in typing and shorthand?

Rohit: Seventy words per minute.

Manager: Can you work on a computer?

Rohit: Yes, I can do the word processing on it.

Manager: Have you worked in an office before?

Rohit: Yes, I have worked as P.A. to the manager in j.k. industries.

Manager: Have you left them?

Rohit: No, but I am looking for a change now.

Manager: Why?

Rohit: The place is very far. Besides the salary is not enough.

Manager: What is your present salary per month?

Rohit: 5000/month.

Manager: What salary do you expect?

Rohit: Around 6000/-

Manager: Can you communicate in English fluently?

Rohit: Of course, I can.

Manager: One last but very important question. A personal assistant may have to stay back late in the office sometime. Can you do that?

Rohit: Only once in a while sir, not always. I have a small baby.

Manager: All right Mrs. Viswas. That will do. We will let you know soon.

Rohit: Thank you, sir.

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People make the following mistakes while giving an interview

  1. speaking thoughtfully while answering
  2. stuttering while answering
  3. Reply to tell about parents etc.
  4. Telling about your hobbies after your name

These are probably the most normally offered mistaken responses that lessen or dispose of your possibilities prevailing in the meeting. Where is your home to the questioner, what number of families do you have, it has neither rhyme nor reason. Stammering shows an absence of certainty while replying.

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