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Examples of report writing on an event class 12

As a matter of fact, a report is a kind of composed conversation wherein data about any association, meeting, party, division or extraordinary occasion is given alongside current realities. The motivation behind reporting is to give exact and finish data about the individual, establishment, result, examination, or progress concerned. Generally collecting news and sending it to the press is called reporting. A journalist collects various types of information from workshops, rallies, or public interviews and sends them to his office. Let us see what quality should be in writing a good report. And some examples.

5 characteristics of a good report writing

  1. The report should be clear and complete.
  2. The title of the report should be clear and elegant.
  3. The report should be succinct.
  4. The report should include only those facts which are necessary.
  5. All the facts given should be reliable and authentic.
  6. The language of the report should not be figurative, nor idiomatic.

Examples of report writing

(1) You are Vivek of R.j. National School. Your school organized an annual function. Write a report for your school magazine.

Reports on Annual function in school

15th July 2013

The annual function is the most important event in the school calendar. On 15th July, the foundation day of the school, our school organized the annual function in the school playground.

Our English teacher Mr. Gupta started the program by welcoming the chief guest, the education minister of Delhi, and others. After this vice principal put his thoughts on the education system. He emphasized the need for value-based education. After this came the central part. Principal Sir discussed the result of this year. He congratulated toppers of all classes. He informed us that our school also won awards in many extra curriculum activities. He invited the chief guest to distribute prizes among the winners. Chief Guest also addressed the audience. He praised the performance of our school.

Many students performed on the stage. Most of the programs were inspired by our culture, moral education, films, and nationalism. This added an all-new height to the function. Finally, Mr. Sharma ended the program with his thanks speech.

(2) A Book Fair was arranged in the Town Hall. You visited the Book Fair. Prepare a brief report of your visit.

2nd December 2010.

Place: City center, Gandhinagar.

Guessing is to the thoughts of what exercise is to the body. Last Sunday, a portion of my companions and I got an opportunity to visit the Book Fair. It was held in the Municipal center. It was mutually coordinated by the Focal Library and the Sahitya Parishad. There were various slows down. There were pictures, diagrams, and guides in the slows down. There were different sorts of books. There were Compact discs for nursery rhymes and different sonnets. I got one Compact disc. The Book Fair was a scene to watch. Many distributing houses were taking part. They showed various books that proceeded with the abundance of information and experience. I got a few books by V. S. Naipaul, a Nobel Prize Champ. In the early evening, we felt to some degree tired. We eased our exhaustion by having tea and snacks at a slow-down neighboring. I was satisfied to see that the vast majority of the guests were young men and young ladies. Indeed, even little youngsters were excitedly understanding books. One of my companions agreed to Harry Potter. I purchased a book of brief tales for my more youthful sibling. We got back blissful and satisfied.

(3) A blood donation camp was organized in your school yesterday. Write a report on this in about 75 words.

1st December 2010

Place: Sheth C. M. High School, Sector-23, Gandhinagar.

Our school gathered yesterday for a noble cause. It was the association of a blood donation camp in our school. The camp was organized to help in the assembly hall of our school. The parents of the students were informed through written intimation. Nearby houses and flats were also given verbal information. The camp started at 9.00 in the morning. Our professor was the first one to donate blood. He also told the students about the significance and benefits of blood donation. Our teachers also did not stay back. They also joined in this noble cause. Apart from the blood donation camp, a free camp to check up on the blood group was also held. A team of doctors checked the blood group of each and every school student. We all got to know what our blood group is. Tea or coffee and biscuits were given to all those who donated blood. All the donors were also awarded a certificate. The team of doctors thanked our principal and teachers for their cooperation. Everyone appreciated our school attendance as part of a respectable cause.

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