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100+ daily use English vocabulary words with meaning

We talk to many people every day and use many words in our conversations. If you want to learn English then for this you have to learn English dictionary with its meaning and use those vocabulary words in your own language. In this article, common English words used in daily life are given with Hindi meanings. Which will be helpful for you.

Vocabulary words with meaning

nglish words meaning

Apt – suitable in a particular situation.

Apologize – express regret for something that one has done wrong.

Challenge – to refuse a statement.

Alliance – an agreement between groups.

Grievance – something that you think is unfair.

Courage – The ability to do something that frightens one.

battle – a fight, especially between armies in a war.

Vibrant – full of energy and enthusiasm.

Pleasant – giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment.

Attempt – To try to obtain.

Miserable – wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.

Wrapped – overjoyed; delighted

Growing – come into existence and develop.

Self-control – to appear calm when you are angry.

Self-restraint – the ability to stop yourself.

Pastime = something you enjoy while not working.

Blessing = a thing that brings happiness.

Double-storey = a building with two floors.

Unique = not like anything else.

Simultaneously – happening, existing or done at the same time

Countrymen = a person from your own country.

Ideal = an idea that you want to achieve.

Laboratory = a room used for research, and testing.

Autumn – the season comes between summer and winter.

Eager – full of desire.

Graves – a place where the dead body is kept.

Wags – to move from side to side.

Minerals – a natural substance found in food.

Household – work that is needed in daily life in a house.

Picnic -an outdoor activity to enjoy meals and games.

Polite – having good manners.

Hold = the act of having.

Gardening = looking after a garden.

Unrelenting – not yielding in strength, severity, or determination.

Proud – Haughty,

Generate – to produce or create something

Justify – to give or be a good reason for something

Absence – the fact of being away from somewhere

Struck – past and past participle of the strike.

Trot – Run at a moderate pace with short steps.

Pay Attention – to somebody in order to hear him/her.

Complexion – the natural color of the skin.

Younger – not old.

Banish – to get rid of somebody/something

Conjugal – connected with marriage.

Intractable – hard to control or deal with.

Uproot – to tall a plant by the root.

Cringe – to feel embarrassed

Academic – connected with education, especially in schools and universities

Abnegation – the action of renouncing or rejecting something.

Characteristic – a quality that is typical of somebody

Delicense – deprive of a license.

Embrace – to put your arms around somebody as a sign of love, happiness, etc.

Foreign – belonging to a country that is not your own.

Destigmatizing – to remove associations of shame or disgrace from destigmatizing mental illness.

Eradicate – to destroy something completely

Efface – to make something disappear; to remove something

Functional – practical and helpful rather than attractive

Gratuitous – (used about an action) lacking any good reason or purpose and often having harmful effects

Gaffe – a mistake that a person makes in a social or public situation, especially something very embarrassing

Incessant – never stopping (and usually annoying)

Largesse – generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others.

Flatter – to say nice things often in a way that is not sincere.

Modesty – not talking too much about your own qualities.

Trait – personality

Migrant – a person who moves from one place to another.

Philosophy – the study of nature and the meaning of the universe and of human life.

Astonished – very surprised

Strive – to try very hard to achieve something.

Contentment – the feeling of happiness or satisfaction.

Companion – a person that travels with you or spends a lot of time with you.

10 vocabulary words and meaning

Pivot – a central point.

Ailing – not in good health.

Retard – slower to develop.

Fatigue – extremely tired.

Facet – one part or a particular aspect.

Fascinate – to attract very much.

Borne – carried by the thing.

Strive – make great efforts to achieve or obtain something.

Toil – work extremely hard or incessantly.

Idle – not active or in use.

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