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English synonyms and antonyms with Hindi meaning pdf

Here is a comprehensive collection of words that are similar in meaning (synonyms) or opposite in meaning (antonyms) to each other in the English language.

Here is a list of 100 English synonyms and antonyms along with their Hindi meanings:


Abundance (प्रचुरता): Plenty, Wealth, Profusion

Agile (प्रफुल्ल): Nimble, Quick, Lively

Angry (रोषित): Furious, Indignant, Wrathful

Beautiful (सुंदर): Attractive, Lovely, Gorgeous

Begin (आरंभ करना): Start, Commence, Initiate

Brave (बहादुर): Courageous, Fearless, Valiant

Bright (उज्ज्वल): Radiant, Shining, Brilliant

Calm (शांत): Tranquil, Serene, Peaceful

Celebrate (जश्न मनाना): Rejoice, Commemorate, Honor

Dangerous (खतरनाक): Hazardous, Perilous, Risky

Delicious (स्वादिष्ट): Tasty, Yummy, Delectable

Eager (उत्सुक): Enthusiastic, Keen, Fervent

Excited (उत्साहित): Thrilled, Ecstatic, Animated

Famous (प्रसिद्ध): Renowned, Celebrated, Well-known

Flexible (लचीला): Adaptable, Supple, Pliable

Generous (उदार): Benevolent, Charitable, Liberal

Happy (खुश): Joyful, Delighted, Content

Honest (ईमानदार): Sincere, Truthful, Genuine

Important (महत्वपूर्ण): Significant, Essential, Crucial

Intelligent (बुद्धिमान): Smart, Clever, Brilliant

Knowledge (ज्ञान): Wisdom, Understanding, Awareness

Laughter (हंसी): Giggle, Chuckle, Mirth

Modest (संयमित): Humble, Unassuming, Reserved

Neat (स्वच्छ): Tidy, Orderly, Clean

Optimistic (आशावादी): Hopeful, Positive, Confident

Patient (धैर्यशील): Tolerant, Enduring, Resilient

Peaceful (शांतिपूर्ण): Tranquil, Serene, Calm

Quick (तेज़): Rapid, Swift, Speedy

Reliable (विश्वसनीय): Trustworthy, Dependable, Steady

Sincere (सच्चा): Genuine, Honest, Authentic

Strong (मजबूत): Powerful, Robust, Sturdy

Successful (सफल): Prosperous, Triumphant, Achieving

Timid (डरपोक): Shy, Cautious, Bashful

Unite (एकजुट होना): Join, Merge, Combine

Valuable (मूल्यवान): Precious, Priceless, Esteemed

Wise (बुद्धिमान): Sagacious, Knowledgeable, Prudent

Zealous (उत्साही): Enthusiastic, Passionate, Eager

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Bad (खराब): Good, Excellent, Fine

Cowardly (कायर): Brave, Courageous, Fearless

Dark (अंधेरा): Bright, Light, Luminous

Empty (खाली): Full, Occupied, Loaded

Fast (तेज़): Slow, Sluggish, Lethargic

Good (अच्छा): Bad, Evil, Poor

Happy (खुश): Sad, Unhappy, Miserable

Ignore (ध्यान न देना): Notice, Acknowledge, Pay attention

Lose (हार जाना): Win, Triumph, Succeed

Old (पुराना): New, Young, Fresh

Quiet (शांत): Noisy, Loud, Boisterous

Rise (उठना): Fall, Decline, Descend

Short (छोटा): Tall, Long, Lengthy

Simple (सरल): Complex, Complicated, Elaborate

Thin (पतला): Thick, Fat, Plump

Ugly (बदसूरत): Beautiful, Gorgeous, Attractive

Villain (खलनायक): Hero, Protagonist, Saviour

Wealthy (धनी): Poor, Penniless, Impoverished

Young (युवा): Old, Elderly, Aged

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list of antonyms with their Hindi meanings:

Good (अच्छा) – Bad (बुरा)

Hot (गर्म) – Cold (ठंडा)

Beautiful (सुंदर) – Ugly (बदसूरत)

Happy (खुश) – Sad (दुखी)

Brave (बहादुर) – Cowardly (कायर)

Big (बड़ा) – Small (छोटा)

Fast (तेज़) – Slow (धीमा)

Empty (खाली) – Full (भरा)

Full (भरा) – Empty (खाली)

Light (हल्का) – Heavy (भारी)

Old (पुराना) – New (नया)

Young (युवा) – Old (बूढ़ा)

Up (ऊपर) – Down (नीचे)

Day (दिन) – Night (रात)

Right (सही) – Wrong (गलत)

True (सच्चा) – False (झूठा)

Love (प्यार) – Hate (नफरत)

Success (सफलता) – Failure (असफलता)

Start (शुरू) – End (समाप्त)

Win (जीत) – Lose (हार)

Please note that these translations provide approximate meanings, and the context and usage of the words may differ.

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