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Basic English speaking practice & conversation for beginners

Daily English speaking practice for kids and beginners. Along with learning the English language, it is also important to know its manners. Using humble words in particular is an essential part of the conversation. How to say, what to say, which words to use, and some such important things have been given in this post.

Spoken English Practice for Beginners

The manners of the English language are absorbed in the words given below. These are very important words in the English language.

PleaseAllow mePardon
ThanksAfter youThat’s all right
WelcomeSorryIt’s my pleasure
KindlyExcuse meAlways.
English speaking practice

Use in sentences

1. Give me your pen, please.

2. Give a glass of water, please.

3. May I help you, please?

4. Thank you very much.

5. Would you kindly wait a moment?

6. Allow me to go for walk.

7. Pardon me for my bad behavior.

8. Excuse me, Now I have to go.

9. You are welcome.

10. It’s* all right alternatives words

  1. No mention.
  2. It’s fine.
  3. My pleasure.
  4. Welcome/you’re welcome.

Useful English Phrases

In English, sometimes only one or two words are used instead of a sentence. These phrases are very simple because they are formed without the use of grammar.

Just coming.As you like/please
Very well.Thanks for this honor.
Fine/Very good.Anything else?
That’s enough.ok.
Why not?Not a bit.
Take care.See you tomorrow.
Yes, by all means!That is too much.
Yes, sir!No, not at all.
Never mind.Nothing else.
Nothing special.Welcome!
Rest assuredLong time no see.
Goodbye!Not the least!
These are all phrases, not complete sentences, but they can be used as complete sentences.

Also, Learn

Exclamation sentence in English

Marvelous!Well done!
Wow!My/Oh God!
Wonderful!Of course!
Thank God!By God grace
God bless youExcellent!
Same to you!How sad!
Good heavens!Hello! listen!
Hurry up, please!How terrible!
How disgraceful!How absurd!
How dare he!Oh, dear!
How sweet!How lovely!
Hurry upQuite, please!
Yes, is it!Really!
Is it?Thanks!
Thank God!Cheers!
Congratulations!How tragic!
What nonsense!What a shame!
Wonderful!How disgusting!
Beware!What an idea!
What a bother!Watch out!
Touch wood!Come what way!

Basic English Command/order for practice

I say stop.Speak.
Listen.Wait here.
Come here.Look here.
Take it.Come near.
Wait outside.Go up.
Go Down.Get off.
Be ready.Keep quiet.
Be carefulGo slowly.
Go at once.Stop here.
Go straight.Get out.

English speaking practice For Kids

Practice -1

1. Wish you the best of luck!

2. Wish you a happy journey!

3. Wish you a happy new year.

4. Happy wedding anniversary!

5. Well done! Keep it up.

6. I’m sorry to hear that.

7. Hello Raj, what a surprise!

8. Please do me a favor.

9. Please forgive me.

10. Welcome, please come in.


1. Please have a seat.

2. Please keep in touch.

3. I am very tired.

4. I am not feeling well.

5. I am feeling better.

6. I am perfectly all right.

7. How is your mother now?

8. She is still not well.


1. Hello how are you?

2. Have you seen Neha today?

3. What is this?

4.. How old are you?

5. What is the time, please?

6. Why are you late?

7. I missed my bus.

8. May I use your phone, please?

9. May I come in, please?

10. May I go now?


1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it in time.

2. I am sorry, I got a little late.

3. Please Conway my apologies.

4. It was all by mistake. Please excuse me.

5. Sorry to have disturbed you.

6. I beg your pardon.

7. Allow me to say.

8. It’s all yours.

9. Will you please permit me to speak?

10. Let me also help you.

11. Will you please move a bit?

12. Please speak slowly.

13. As you please.

14. Please make yourself comfortable.

15. Sorry for the inconvenience.

16. That’s so kind of you.

17. Glade to meet you.

18. Thanks for your valuable advice.

19. I will try my level best.

20. Hope you are enjoying yourselves.

Greeting sentences in English.

With your elders, superiors, and relatives.

From morning till noon.

  • Good morning sir.
  • Good morning Grandpa.
  • Good morning dad.

From 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Good afternoon Mummy.
  • Good afternoon papa.
  • Good Afternoon Grandma.

After 5 p.m

  • Good evening uncle.
  • Good evening Auntie.
  • Good evening dear.

While leaving at night.

  • Good night!
  • Sweet dreams, darling!

any time of the day.

  • Good day to you, Sir!
  • Pleased to meet you!

Anytime with your friends and people you know.

  • Hi Simi!
  • Hi Rahul!
  • Hello Uncle!
  • Hi Priya!
  • Hello Mrs, Gupta!

At the time of farewell.

  • Goodbye, everyone!
  • Bye, bye!
  • Bye, see you/so long!

[Note: Mrs is used before the name or surname of a married woman and Miss is used for an unmarried woman. Miss (Ms) can be used before the name or surname of any woman who is unmarried or married.]

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