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Daily English speaking conversation practice between two persons

Improve your daily English conversation skills. Speaking English phrases for daily use and Conversation practice between two friends or persons. Easy conversations for beginners

The conversation is the next stage of speaking English. In this, two or more people use the sentences one after the other. It is very important for learning English. how to introduce ourselves and others in English. Let’s take a look at the conversations that took place on different occasions.

English conversation for beginners

When James and Henry meet first time on the bus.

Conversation practice-1

James: Excuse me, May I sit here?

Henry: Yes, please.

James: Thank you. I am James.

Henry: Hello, I am Henry.

James: What do you do Mr. Henry?

Henry: I am a sales representative at Mega electricals. What about you?

James: I am an accountant in the State Street Corp.

Henry: Where are you from?

James: I am from New York. but also settled in California. And you?

Henry: I am from California Itself.

James: Oh, I see! My Stop. Ok, Bye Henry.

Henry: Bye.

Something like this happens when they both meet again.

James: Hello Henry! Nice to see you again. How are you?

Henry: Hello James, I am fine, thank you, and you?

James: Fine. Here, meet my wife Ellie, and my son John and my daughter Isla.

Henry: Hello Ellie, hello children! My wife Elena and my daughter Sophie.

James: Hello everyone.

Ellie: (to Elena) Hello Elena!

Elena: Hello Ellie.

Ellie: Do you work, Elena?

Elena: No, I am a housewife. What about you?

Ellie: I teach in a school.

Elena: Which school?


Elena: Oh, I see. Where do you live Ellie?

Ellie: In Model Town, and you?

Elena: We are in Shalimar’s house. Please drop in sometime.

Ellie: Sure, you too.

Daily English conversation

Sometimes we have to ask something from unknown people on the way. Let’s see what David is asking.

David: Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the Express building, please?

The man: Yes, go straight, take the first left, and keep walking. You will reach Columbus road. The express building is o the Road.

David: Thank you.

David: (to a lady) Excuse me, madam. From where can I get a bus to the city market?

Lady: From that bus stop near the bridge.

David: Thank you.

David: (to bus conductor) Is it going to the city market?

Conductor: Yes, Get in fast.

David: (to a passenger) Would you please let me when we reach the city market?

Passenger: Yes, I will.

David: Can I get a bus to the city market from there?

Passenger: Yes, easily.

David: Oh, thank you.

English conversation between two friends

Boys and girls in school or college

Ryan: Hi Bella!

Bella: Hi! How are you?

Ryan: Fine and you?

Bella: Fine, thanks.

Ryan: Where are you going?

Bella: Actually, I am free in this period. I was just wondering what to do.

Ryan: I am going to the canteen. Can you join?

Bella: O.K.

Ryan: What do you like, coke or something else?

Bella: Coke is fine.

Ryan: Here you are.

Bella: Thanks.

Ryan: Are you mostly free in the fifth period?

Bella: Yes mostly, except on Friday when we have tutorials. I have to go now. Thanks for the coke, David.

David: Bye, see you.

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