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English paragraph writing topics with answers

A paragraph is a group of related sentences that develop one main idea. The paragraph is inspired by sentences that explain the same topic. All the sentences in a paragraph together express the same sentiment. In a true sense, a paragraph is made up of sentences that express the basics of the paragraph writer, his thoughts, and his feelings. here are some good English paragraph writing Topics with their answers.

Paragraph writing is a skill that allows you to express your ideas clearly and effectively. Here are some points that can help in paragraph writing:

Essential tips and features of a good paragraph.

  • A paragraph must have unity. All the sentences must develop a single topic.
  • A paragraph must have coherence ie. and the sentences must be arranged in a logical order.
  • A paragraph must have emphasis. The sentences must be so arranged that the main idea is made clear and emphasized.
  • Before writing your paragraph, clarify your ideas. You must have a clear and correct idea.
  • Organize paragraphs coherently. In a stable structure, there should be an introduction at the beginning, a description in the middle, and a summary at the end.
  • Use meaningful and beautiful language. Pay attention to grammar, vocabulary and style to express your ideas.

Topic-1 ‘Value of discipline’

Discipline is a great quality. It is the first order of heaven. By the term, Discipline is meant according to rules. The rule is a standard laid down for guiding action, behavior, etc. The term Discipline, therefore, means that all our actions should be done perfect with certain
principal or rules laid down for guiding us in the night path. It teaches us self-control and self restrain. It produces a sense of duty. There is discipline in heavenly bodies-stars and planets. The ordered growth and decay (death) show that there is discipline everywhere in nature. Schools and colleges cannot run without discipline. discipline make us civilized. It teaches us respect for laws. Games and sports make the players disciplined. discipline brings law and order. A well-disciplined person always done his work sincerely and honestly. If there is no discipline in the society people shall act as they please. Discipline keeps us within an order. We learn to respect the views and rights of others. Where there is no discipline, there is disorder. Without order and discipline, there can be no peace in society.

Difficult words: Self-control = to appear calm when you are angry, Self-restraint = the ability to stop yourself.

Topic-2 ‘My Hobby’

There are many pastime activities as hobbies like photography, gardening, cooking, stamp-collecting, etc. My hobby is gardening. I have grown a small kitchen garden at the backyard of my house. The fresh vegetables from this garden taste very good. I also have some potted plants in front of my house. I look after them well I put manure in them to keep them healthy. I water them daily. Gardening gives me pleasure and refreshes me.

Difficult words: Pastime = something you enjoy while not working., Gardening = looking after a garden., Mansur = fertilizer.

Topic-3 ‘Trees’

Trees are the greatest blessing of God to man. They are very useful to us. They give us fruit to eat and wood to build our houses and furniture. Many birds live in them. They give us oxygen, necessary for our lives and take away our carbon dioxide. they bring rain and hold the soil together. They give men and animals shade and comfort. We should not fell trees. We should grow more trees and look them well.

Difficult words: Blessing = a thing that brings happiness., Hold = the act of having.

Topic-4 ‘My School’

I study in govt. Girls/Boys School. It has classes from 1st to 12th. it is located in A-3 Vest Mumbai. It has a double-storey building. There are 40 rooms in it. There is a beautiful garden in front and a big playground at the back of the building. There are shady trees all around the boundary wall. There are two gates- the front gate is kept open; the side gate is always locked. There is a principles office, a clerk’s room, 3 laboratories, a drawing room, a big library, a hall, and about 35 classrooms. There are about 55 teachers. Most of them teach well and love children. The result of my school is good. It is the best government school in the area. I like and love my school.

Difficult words: Double-storey = a building with two floors., Laboratory = a room used for research, and testing.

Topic-5 ‘My Favorite Leader’

Mahatma Gandhi is my favorite leader. He is the father of the nation. Second October, his birthday, is a national holiday. He believes in simple living and high things. He got India freedom with his unique weapons of truth and non-violence. He loved all his countrymen. He respected all religions. He lived like the poorest of poor – in one dhoti. I love and respect him for his principles of ideals.

Difficult words: Unique = not like anything else., Countrymen = a person from your own country., Ideal = an idea that you want to achieve.

Practice is the most important role for paragraph writing. You can try different writing exercises to improve your writing skills.

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