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Descriptive paragraph writing topics and examples

What is Descriptive writing – One who describes a person/thing, especially in an efficient or interesting way. A descriptive exposition is an imaginative creation. Here the writer needs to write so that he can create an image in the mind of the reader. The writer can depict a person, place or thing. Let us see some important tips and examples for descriptive writing.

Descriptive writing tips

  • Collect the important points in your mind and elaborate it while writing.
  • The essay should be linked from top to bottom so that readers do not feel that you have left some points incomplete.
  • Begin each paragraph with a paragraph that clearly links to the paragraphs in the rest of the essay.
  • Provide all supporting evidence for each point you make.
  • End the sentence with an interesting or persuasive thought that pertains to the essay.
  • Avoid making spelling or grammatical mistakes. This leaves a very bad impression on the readers.
  • If possible, try to create multiple paragraphs based on the particular topic.
  • Take care of time management.

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Topics and examples

Describe how you celebrate your birthday.

How Celebrated My Birthday

There are numerous ways of commending birthday events. By and large, they host a gathering which would be gone to by family or companions by welcoming them to eat together at a café. Comfort is the accessibility of a birthday cake, and other flavorful food, cards, candles, and all that goes to celebrate.

Far not the same as them, I praised my birthday, remaining on the bed, phone in my grasp and I sang a birthday melody to myself, recollecting previous years have passed, just that… no exceptional festival or custom with wonderful journals

Describe the film that you enjoyed the most.

The Film I Enjoyed Most

Indeed, there is one film I loved watching a great deal and I might want to educate you concerning that. The film is called Companions and really Companions is a notable and well known all through the world Television program about certain companions. This is a satire with a great deal of striking and comical jokes.

unfortunately. I don’t remember when I saw it for the first time but I do remember that I was at home and the movie was airing. when it turned into some catchy and wonderful jokes and stories, I was attracted to watch it. Happened and I watched it till the end.

What is this all about? erm well, this comedy is about the relationship between some friends and they’re about their daily life, about the relationship with their parents about problems at work and university and things like that, But the point really is that everything is told and seen in a very funny way and I love it.

Then again, the reason I loved watching this movie was that the plot was really good because of the actors and celebrities. was performed in a really good and positive manner, I was of the age of the main protagonist at that time so I was able to understand his jokes and laugh at myself together with him, and of course, I loved watching this movie Because of the way everything was told and shown and everything was done in a very funny and comical way.

Describe your experience of walking alone.

Walking Alone

My steps lead me to a wind-swept beach, where rain falls down from a leaden sky. You were by my side when I last walked on these sands, and there was nothing I couldn’t or couldn’t do. You were the light of my life, my heart, and the warmth of my heart. I look at the distant stars and wonder who among them are you because I know you haven’t really gone. Your beautiful soul has only pushed its earthly envelope. Oh but I miss you, I find myself searching my memories for the exact color of your eyes, the different textures of your body, and your breath, which is so warm on my skin. There isn’t a moment I can’t remember, and I’m not sure whether it’s a blessing or a curse.

Why, oh why, did we choose to share each other’s lives for such a short time in existence? Who knew death would be so jealous and so cruel? Certainly not me. I believed that you and I were for the ages, never parting in this life or the next, and I am still scattered, though the years have passed. And time doesn’t heal my wounds, no matter how faithfully or how often I apply it.

Time is the most forgiving and most resilient element of our brief stay in this reality that we all have created. Always yin to yang, dark to light, good to evil. The center must hold forever and the basic universal laws apply. And must go on, to hide and bear cowardice and unbearable pain, and to choose death is a thing you will never do or allow me to do. You always had such high expectations from me. I find myself still trying to please you and hoping that you are looking at me and smiling. And so I find your loving hand guiding me from beyond the world I can see. Is everything as you hoped, and does the light blind you, or can you face it with a smile, now that you and the light are one?

Unanswered again, now I have to go. The tide is rising and the wind wreaks havoc with my hair, tangling the strands so hard to see. I’ve put it off going home as long as I can. Because your chair will still be empty and your favorite book is still on the floor where your feet last rested, its pages reverberate as they fall. Your lion’s heart is finally at peace, your work is all done. 1 As you have moved on, I will remember and I will be until I can be with you again.

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