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Daily conversation in english to hindi – Mother and Sun

Daily conversation practice in English to Hindi अंग्रेजी से हिंदी में माँ और बेटे के बीच दैनिक बातचीत का अभ्यास।

conversation practice between Mother and Sun

Mother: Get up Raghav. It’s five O’clock.

Raghav: It’s too early mummy.

mother: You have your science exam today. Get up and revise your course.

Raghav: Ok mummy, I will get up in two minutes.

Mother: Hurry up and wash your face. meanwhile, I’ll get milk for you.

Raghav: Ok.

Mother: Did you take out your clothes last night Raghav?

Raghav: Yes, I did.

Mother: And your shoes? Did you polish them?

Raghav: No, I forget to polish the shoes. I’ll do it now.

Mother: Do that later. First, finish your revision.

Mother: Haven’t you finished yet Raghav?

Raghav: Yes, I have.

Mother: Have you revised everything well?

Raghav: Yes, mummy, I remember everything.

Mother: Good! Now get ready. I’ll prepare breakfast for you.

Raghav: What is there for breakfast?

Mother: Bread and curd.

Raghav: And omelet.

Mother: Fine, get ready fast. It is 7.30 already.

Raghav: I have to polish my shoes yet. Then I’ll go and have a bath.

Mother: I have polished your shoes.

Raghav: Oh thank you, mummy!

Mother: I’ll go and prepare the breakfast now. Get ready fast Raghav.

Raghav: Yes, mummy.

Mother: Come Radgav, have your breakfast. It is getting late.

Raghav: I am ready mummy.

Mother: Did you pray to God?

Raghav: Yes, mummy?

Mother: Very Good! Read the paper carefully son and finish it in time. Don’t forget to revise it before handing it to the teacher. OK?

Raghav: Ok.

Mother: Where is your watch?

Raghav: Here is it. And mummy no tiffin today. I will come back early.

Mother: Yes, I know. Now Finish eating quickly.

Raghav: I am going mummy.

Mother: Ok, Best of luck.

Raghav: Thank you, mummy, bye.

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