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Write a letter to invite your friend to your birthday party

Know How do you write a birthday invitation? What do you write in a birthday invitation message? And How to write a formal invitation letter for a birthday party? Lets start.

Example, Samples and How To Write An Invitation Letter

Suppose you are Ramesh, You live 38, Green Park, Ludhiana. Invite your friend Rajeev to come to your birthday party.

38, Green Park.
March 9, 20…

My dear Rajeev,

You will be glad to know that my birthday falls on 19th March. My parents have decided to celebrate it on a grand scale this time. There will be a tea party. There will also be a programme of dance and music. It will be an evening of great fun. Our common friends, Satinder and Mohan are also coming. My relatives will be present on this occasion. You are cordially invited to join You will enjoy their company. hope you will certainly join the celebrations and share our joys. Please do come. I shall eagerly await your arrival.

Yours Sincerely.
Ramesh kumar sharma

Suppose you are Rajeev. You live at 76, Gandhi Lane, Sangrur. You received the above letter from your friend Gurdev. Write a reply to him.

76, Gandhi Lane,
March 14, 20…

My dear Ramesh,

have just received your letter. I am happy that you have invited me to visit Ludhiana on your birthday. I thank you very much for the invitation. I will gladly join your party. I shall also enjoy the company of your old friends, Satinder and Mohan. I do not know your relatives. Anyway, It would be my pleasure to meet them, I shall reach Ludhiana on 18th March in the evening. With best wishes.

Yours sincerely
Rajeev Malhotra