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Basic Spanish words and phrases for beginners

Hello friends, in this post selected important sentences which are spoken in our daily activities are given in Spanish and English which will help you a lot to learn and speak the Spanish language. Hope the translated sentences below will be useful in your learning of the Spanish language.

Example: Come here. – Ven aquí., Take it. – Tómalo., Wait outside. – Espera afuera., Be ready. – Estar lista., Be careful – Ten cuidado., Go straight – Ve recta.

Basic Spanish words and phrases

Come here. – Ven aquí.

Take it. – Tómalo.

Wait outside. – Espera afuera.

Be ready. – Estar lista

Be careful – Ten cuidado

Go straight – Ve recta

Good manners phrase

Please – Por favor.Allow me – Me permitirá.
Thanks – GraciasAfter you – Después de usted.
Welcome – Bienvenida.Sorry – Lo siento
Kindly – Amable.Excuse me – Disculpe
That’s all right – Eso está bien.It’s my pleasure – De nada

Exclamatory Words and phrases

Certainly! – ¡Ciertamente!

Marvellous! – ¡Maravillosa!

Wonderful! – ¡Maravillosa!

My God! – ¡Dios mío!

Beautiful! – ¡Hermosa!

Oh my god! – ¡Ay dios mío!

definitely! – ¡definitivamente!

Well done! – ¡Bien hecho!

Really! – ¡En realidad!

Same To you! – ¡Lo mismo para ti!

Wow! – ¡Guau!

Of course! – ¡Por supuesto!

15 Daily Use Sentence English into Spanish

What are you doing? – ¿Qué estás haciendo?

Why did you come late? – ¿Por qué llegaste tarde?

would you like to walk with me? – ¿te gustaría caminar conmigo?

I like to read stories. – Me gusta leer cuentos.

I don’t know him. – no lo conozco

Send him out, please.- Mándelo fuera, por favor.

Kindly sit down. – Por favor, siéntate.

Do you want to see it? – ¿Quieres verlo?

What do you want? – ¿Qué deseas?

Please listen to him. – Por favor, escúchalo.

Take care of your health. – Cuida tu salud.

Attend to me. – Atiendeme.

He broke open the lock. – Rompió la cerradura.

She will accept my orders. – Ella aceptará mis órdenes.

She will visit you. – Ella te visitará.

Greeting Phrase

With your elders, superiors, and relatives.

From morning till noon.

Good morning sir. – Buenos días señor.

Good morning Grandpa. – Buenos días abuelo.

Good morning dad. – Buenos días papá.

From 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Good afternoon Mummy. – Buenas tardes mami.

Good afternoon papa. – Buenas tardes papá.

Good Afternoon Grandma. – Buenas tardes abuela.

After 5 p.m

Good evening uncle. – Buenas noches tío.

Good evening Auntie. – Buenas noches tía.

Good evening dear. – Buenas noches querida

While leaving at night.

Good night! – ¡Buenas noches!

Sweet dreams, darling! – Dulces sueños, querida!

any time of the day.

Good day to you, Sir! – ¡Buen día para usted señor!

Pleased to meet you! – Encantada de conocerte!

At the time of farewell.

Goodbye, everyone! – Adios a todas!

Bye, bye! – ¡Adiós!

Hope this post, English to Spanish words and Phrase translation sentences will help you to speak, thanks for reading the post.