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Basic english words and usage for beginners pdf

If we start speaking English then we should start with common English words. most common English words used in Daily Life with Sentences are given in this post. Along with this, important English vocabulary has also been given, which you can remember and use in your conversation.

If you want to speak English fluently, you have to memorize English vocabulary words and their meaning.

Simple English words used in daily life

II can’t do that.
ComeCome with me.
GoLet’s go for a walk.
DoLet me do that.
TakeTake it.
GiveGive me a cup of tea.
YouYou are the best.
HeHe is a nice Gray.
SheShe is a sweet girl.
ItIs it a phone number?
ThisThis is my book.
ThatThat is all right.
HappyI am very happy today.
SadYou look very sad.
GoodApple is good for health.
BadThis is really bad news.
HowHow is your mother?
FineI am fine.
TellTell me what you want.
AskShe asked for a cup of coffee.
SorryI’m sorry, I got a little late.
HaveI have your attention, please.
AllIt’s all yours.
GreatWhat a great victory!
QuitePlease keep quiet.
JustI am just coming.
LikeI like you very much.
ForThanks for this honor.
LeaveLeave me alone.
TryPlease try again.
WaitPlease wait a bit.
Don’tPlease don’t embarrass me.
StayPlease stay a little longer.
KeepKeep this in mind.
OwnMind your own business.
ReadyShe is ready.
RichHe was very rich.
BeAlways be positive.
Mustyou must be hungry.
ShouldYou should go there.
EarlyI get up early in the morning.
KnowI don’t know.

English simple words with sentences

InPeople bathe in the river.
byThe letter was sent by courier.
HisThis is his book.
HerThis is her diary.
AreYou are a student.
ourIndia is our country.
WiseHe is wiser than me.
EachEach of these boys plays the game.
TrustYou can trust them.
ValueShe doesn’t know the value of time.
BestYour painting is the best.
AtI’ll see you at home.
IntoNeha is coming into the room.
AndNisha and Radha, both are in the room.
anythingI don’t ask anything.
coldIt’s not a cold day.
AmongThe property
FastDon’t run fast.
EnoughThis house is large enough for them.
FearWe should fear God only.
PlayI play basketball well.
TellTell me why you are abusing him.
Have beenI have been ill for two weeks.
EveryEach and every father loves his children.
IssueSarla has no issue.
NeitherI like neither of these two books.
BegI beg leave of you.
SoulA good soul goes to heaven.
Who’sWho’s at the door?
WhoseWhose pen is this?
As well asPushpa as well as her other sisters is beautiful.

Helpful English word for beginners

AmongThe property was divided among three children.
BetweenThe property was divided between Ram and Shyam.
ArtistKalidash was a good artist.
BetterShe is better today than she was a week ago.
LikeTry not to behave like a child.
BothBoth sister is beautiful.
EachEach girl has a new book.
BringBring bread from the bazaar.
TakeTake your breakfast with you when you go to school.
CanShe is so weak that she cannot walk.
MayMay I come in?
CoupleTwo couples remained on the dance floor.
LearnThey learn to read English.
TeachThey teach English.
LeaveLeave this room at once.
LetLet me go now.
ManyThere were many students in the class.
MuchWe haven’t much milk.
PeopleThere are so many peoples in the river.
RecruitmentThe recruitment of soldiers is going on.
ShallI shall not reach in time.
WillI will reach in time.
SayI say that you won’t complete the job.
StopWe stopped the work and returned home.
StayWe stayed at the hotel for two days only.
AcceptHe accepted my advice in this matter.
WinHurrah! We won the match.
BeatI beat you while playing cards.
ExcessExcess of everything is bad.
AffectYour behavior should affect others.
EffectThe old rule is still in effect.
All togetherThe boys and girls sang all together.
BesideHe is sitting beside me.
BornI don’t know when I was born.
ChooseI finally chose to sign up for a career.
CredibleThe story does not appear credible.
DeferenceThere is a difference of opinion on this subject.
EligibleOnly a graduate is eligible for this post.
LatestThe latest edition of the book is under print.
MoralHe is a man of good morals.
MostSohan was the most honest bay in the class.
AlmostIt’s almost time to go for a walk.
PastThe month passed away very soon.
PersonalThis is my personal matter. Please don’t interfere.
PriceThe price of paper has gone up.
PrizeAmit got the first prize in the race.
RememberI remember my lesson every day.
TastyOur madam served us very tasty meals.
TooShe was too weak to walk.
ValuableKohinoor is a valuable diamond.

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