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how to write a letter of apology to a friend for bad behaviour

How to Write an apology letter – Imagine you are Rakesh residing at 11, Shivani Park, Hoshiarpur. You have a friend Sudhir. Write a letter of apology to him for your bad behavior in a fit of temper.

11, Shivaji Park,
January 15,20…

My dear Sudhir,

I Regret my rude behavior. I can not express through words the sense of shame and guilt that I have been feeling since last night. I feel much degraded in my own eyes for having quarreled and misbehaved with such a nice friend as you. I remained upset throughout the night. I could not have even a wink of sleep.

It was indeed foolish on my part to have lost my temper over a trifle. I misunderstood your words and thought you were making fun of me in presence of others. How silly I was to have shown abuses on you and them hit you in the face in a fit of rage! In spite of all that. you remained silent. You showed self-control for true friendship. Now I realize that I was at fault.

I am really very sorry for my misbehavior towards you. I apologize to you for my folly. We have been good friends for eight years. We should not fall apart over a trifle. I request you to forget the whole episode and come to my residence on Saturday next to have dinner with me.

Yours sincerely

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how to write a letter of apology to a friend for not keeping an appointment

My dear Rohit,
I am really very sorry that I could not keep my appointment with you last Saturday. I Promised to be with you at the Plaza but could not turn up on account of some unavoidable circumstances. I am very much sure that you will excuse me after having known the whole position.

I was about to leave my house dor Plaza when we got a telegram that my younger brother who had gone to Batala to spend hos Dussehra holidays with my uncle had met with an accident. We all got upset. My mother asked me to rush to Batala at once. Without losing any time I took a bus to Batala. In a hurry, I even forgot to inform you.

My brother got minor injuries and is now quite well. I shall be back within a day or two and then see you. You might have cursed me for not keeping the appointment. But, dear friend, I was helpless, I am again very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. But I hope you will excuse me now after having known the reason behind it.

With apologies

Yours sincerely

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