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Active and passive voice examples with answers

Active and Passive Voice Comparison. Change Active into passive voice examples with answers. Here are more than 100 examples of active to passive voice.

Structure – Subject + verb + object + Other Words

Structure – Object + helping verb +  V3 + By + Object + Other words

Voice in Grammar


She sings a song.A song is sung by her.
He eats an apple.An apple is eaten by him.
They’ll play cricket.Cricket will be played by them.
he told me a story.A story was told to me by him.
I could do that.That could be done by me.

Present indefinite tense

Structure  – Object + am/is/are + v3 + by + Sub + other Words.

Active voicePassive voice
I play a match.A match is played by me.
Do you like music?Is music liked by you?
Does Mannu play hockey?is hockey played by Mannu?
I write my lesson.My lesson is written by me.
We see movies.movies are seen by us.

Present Continues tense

Active – sub + is/am/are + V(1st+ing) + obj.
Passive – Obj + is/am/are + being + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
She is writing a story.A Story is being written by her.
Is he doing his task?Is his task being done by him?
I am singing a song.A song is being sung by me.
He is not making a noise.Noise is not being made by him.
You are teasing her.She is being teased by you.

Present perfect tense

Active – Sub + has/have + V3 + Obj.
Passive – Obj + has/have + been + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
He had sold his books.His books have been sold by him.
You have shut the window.The window has been shut by you
Has he not abused me?Have I not been abused by him?
She has not combed her hair.Her hair has not been combed by her.
I won the match.The match has been won by me.

Past indefinite tense

Active – Sub + V2 + Obj.
Passive – Obj + was/were + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
He stole my book.My book was stolen by him.
He played cricket.Cricket was played by him.
Did they paint this door?Was the door painted by them?
They did not pay their dues.Their dues were not paid by them.
Vikram saw a match.A match was seen by Vikram.

Past Continuous tense

Active – Sub + was/were + V(1st + ing) +Obj.
Passive – Obj + was/were + being + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
She was not teasing you.You were not being teased by her.
The peon was calling him.He was being called by the peon.
He was building a house.A house was being built by him.
Were are boys watching the match?was the match being watched by the boys?
I was not flying a kite.A kite was not being flown by me.

Past perfect tense

Active – Sub + had + V3 + Obj.
Passive – Obj + had been + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
I had broken my class.The glass had been broken by me.
Had she dismissed the servant?Had the servant been dismissed by her?
We had not bought the house.The house had not been bought by us.
Rahul had not changed his dress.His dress had not been changed by Rahul.
Had he learned his lesson?Had his lesson been learned by him?

Future indefinite tense

Active – Sub + will/shall + V1 + Obj.
Passive – Obj + will/shall + be + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
I shall help him.She will be helped by me.
She will visit you.You will be visited by her.
He will not spare you.You will not be spared by him.
Will you say your prayers?Will your prayers be said by you?
She will accept the orders.The orders will be accepted by her.

Future perfect tense

Active – Sub + will/shall + have + V3 + Obj.
Passive – Obj + will/shall + have +been + V3 + by + Sub.

Active voicePassive Voice
We shall not have played the game.The game will not have been played by us.
She will have delivered a speech.A speech will have been delivered by her.
They will have seen this picture.This picture will have been seen by them.
I shall not have spoken the truth.The truth will not have been spoken by me.
He will have caught the thief.The thief will have been caught by him.

Examples of interrogative sentences

Interrogative sentences that begin with what, why, when, how, which, where, who, etc. – Such sentences remain interrogative in active or passive

What do you want? (Active)
What is wanted by you? (Passive)

When will you see her? (Active)
When will she be seen by you? (Passive)

Why did he abuse you? (Active)
Why were you abused by him? (Passive)

There are many sentences in active voice in which ‘by’ is not used while making passive voice.

The news alarmed us. (Active)
We were alarmed at this news. (Passive)

Suresh knows him. (Active)
he is known to Suresh. (Passive)

Your behavior displeased me. (Active)
I was displeased at your behavior. (Passive)

Examples of an imperative sentence

Respect your elders. (Active)
Let your elders be respected. (Passive)

Serve the country. (Active)
Let the country be served. (Passive)

Don’t smoke. (Active)
You are forbidden to smoke. (Passive)

Please show me the way. (Active)
You are requested to show me the way.(passive)

Examples with their answer

Active voicePassive Voice
Do this work.Let this work be done. (by you)
Ask him to sit down.Let him be asked to sit down.
Punish him.Let him be punished. (by you)
He sings a song.A song is sung by him.
Are you writing a letter?Is A letter being written by you?
They’ll play cricket.Cricket will be played by them.
Have you finished this job?Has this Job been finished by you?
Help him.Let him be helped.
He termed down my proposal.My proposal was termed down by him.
The children are laughing at the beggar.The beggar is being laughed at by the children.
They charged him with murder.He was charged with murder by them.
She has seen through your trick.Your trick has been seen through by her.
She objects to your proposal.Your proposal is objected to by her.
I played upon his weakness.His weakness was played upon by me.
It is time to take tea.It is time for tea to be taken.
I do not know him.He is not known to me.
Do I annoy you?Are you annoyed with me?
One should keep one’s wordsWords should be kept.
Women want men to flatter them.Women want to be flattered by men.
The postman delivers a letter twice a day.Letters are delivered twice a day.
Someone has stolen my scooter.My scooter has been stolen.
He will eat an apple.An apple will be eaten by him.


Active voicePassive Voice
He has to do it.It has to be done by him.
Send him out, please.You are requested to send him out.
They say.It is said.
Kindly sit downyou are requested to sit down.
Do you know his mother?Is his mother known to you?
Who told you my address?By whom was my address told to you?
I object to her proposal of marriage.Her proposal of marriage was objected to by me.
Whom do you want to see?Who is wanted to be seen by you?
Aaryan is to make a speech today.A speech is to be made by Aaryan today.
What do you want?What is wanted by you?
Your conduct displeased your friends.Your friends were displeased at your conduct.
They want to see the launching of the ship.They want to see the ship being launched.
He is to do.It is to be done by you.
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.The stone should not be thrown at others by those who live in glass houses.
Don’t come late.You are ordered not to become late.
Open the door.You are ordered to open the door.
May I attend your lecture?May your lecture be attended by me.
Would you do it, please?Would it be done by you please?
What can he do for you?What can be done for you by him?
I could do that.That could be done by me.
You must finish your lesson.Your lesson must be finished by you.
We ought to love our country.Our country ought to be loved by us.
We should help the poor.The poor should be helped by us

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