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20 New English words with meaning in Hindi with their Synonyms

Learn 20 Useful New English words along with their meanings in Hindi and synonyms and antonyms.

Here are 20 crucial new English words with Hindi meanings, and synonyms. You can remember all this Vocabulary very quickly in a day.

20 New words meanings example

Fathom (गहराई): To understand or comprehend something deeply.
Synonyms: Grasp, comprehend
Antonyms: Misunderstand, misconceive

Egregious (अत्याचारी): Remarkably bad or offensive.
Synonyms: Flagrant, outrageous
Antonyms: Minor, slight

Gregarious (सामाजिक): Fond of the company of others; sociable.
Synonyms: Sociable, outgoing
Antonyms: Unsociable, introverted

Blatant (स्पष्ट): Very obvious or conspicuous.
Synonyms: Evident, overt
Antonyms: Subtle, discreet

Clandestine (गुप्त): Done secretly or covertly.
Synonyms: Covert, undercover
Antonyms: Open, overt

Dearth (कमी): A scarcity or lack of something.
Synonyms: Shortage, deficiency
Antonyms: Abundance, surplus

Ambivert (द्विवृत्त): A person whose personality has a balance of extroverted and introverted features.
Synonyms: Extroverted-introvert, outgoing-introvert
Antonyms: Extrovert, introvert

Intrinsic (आंतरिक): Belonging naturally; essential.
Synonyms: Inherent, innate
Antonyms: Extrinsic, external

Hyperbole (अतिशयोक्ति): The way of exaggerating the characteristics of something.
Synonyms: Exaggeration, overstatement
Antonyms: Understatement, literalism

Mitigate (कम करना): To make less severe or intense.
Synonyms: Alleviate, lessen
Antonyms: Aggravate, worsen

Nonchalant (बेपरवाह): Calm and unconcerned.
Synonyms: Casual, indifferent
Antonyms: Concerned, anxious

Juxtapose (समकक्षीकरण करना): to put two people or things together (especially to differentiate them)
Synonyms: Compare, contrast
Antonyms: Separate, disconnect

Kindle (प्रज्वलित करना): To ignite or arouse a feeling or interest.
Synonyms: Ignite, stimulate
Antonyms: Extinguish, dampen

Lament (विलाप करना): expression of sadness for somebody.
Synonyms: Mourn, grieve
Antonyms: Rejoice, celebrate

Ostracize (निर्जन करना): To reject someone from a group or society.
Synonyms: Exclude, shun
Antonyms: Include, embrace

Paradigm (मिसाल): A typical example or pattern.
Synonyms: Model, example
Antonyms: Anomaly, exception

Quixotic (विलक्षण): Unrealistically idealistic or impractical.
Synonyms: Idealistic, visionary
Antonyms: Practical, realistic

Resilient (लचीला): Able to recover quickly from difficult situations.
Synonyms: Strong, flexible
Antonyms: Fragile, vulnerable

Serendipity (आकस्मिक लाभ): The occurrence of fortunate events by chance.
Synonyms: Luck, fortuity
Antonyms: Misfortune, disaster

Ubiquitous (सर्वव्यापी): to be everywhere or in several places at the same time
Synonyms: Omnipresent, pervasive
Antonyms: Rare, scarce

Please note that although efforts have been made to provide accurate translations and appropriate synonyms/antonyms, language is a complex and ever-evolving entity, so variations or alternative interpretations may occur in different contexts.

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